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Networking Fundamentals offer three great video-conferencing products from Sony aimed at small businesses, medium businesses and the executive desktop:


Entry level - PCS-11P

Based on the same powerful platform as the mid-range PCS-1P, the PCS-11P delivers impressive audio and video quality, thereby offering a viable alternative to face-to-face meetings whilst maintaining a natural meeting experience. The PCS-11P can be applied to many user environments: from desk usage to medium-sized meeting rooms, within companies, institutions or in the home.

Mid-range - PCS-1P

A multimedia video-conference system, the PCS-1P offers a powerful mix of high quality video, audio and data conferencing to your business. Enjoy 'multipoint' conferences with up to five other participants and enrich your meetings with high-resolution data from a PC or handwritten notes on the electronic whiteboard.

Executive Desktop - PCS-TL50P

The PCS-TL50P is the perfect tool for executive desks, modern home offices or small meeting places, designed for a clutter-free desktop space. This all-in-one video-conference system not only looks stunning but incorporates the latest technology for high-quality video-conferencing. The PCS-TL50P can be used as a video monitor and a PC screen; you can be working on your PC and be in a video-conference at the same time. It's extremely easy to use with intuitive on-screen menus, and with the one-touch dial buttons, making a call is nothing more than touching a button and your video-conference starts.

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