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Founded in 1990, Polycom is the only company today delivering end-to-end rich media collaborative applications for voice, video, data and the web, from desktop and mobile personal systems to room systems, to the network core.

Polycom is at the centre of the industry shift to broadband networks; IP networks enable the proliferation and convergence of richer communications, including video, which enhance the quality of our lives, create new opportunities, and are fast becoming the foundation for how we work.

Polycom has created over 300 patents in collaborative communications and developed the only solution for delivering Unified Collaborative Communications® the convergence of voice, video, data and web known as The Polycom Office.

Organisations of all sizes can increase productivity and cut costs with Polycom's outstanding range of products:

  • voice and video communications endpoints
  • video management software
  • web conferencing software
  • multi-network gateways and multipoint conferencing

Delivering proven collaborative solutions - the Polycom vision is to enable people to connect anytime, anyplace and with any device in a virtual experience - as natural as being there.

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