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Whether you need one custom-built PC or one hundred off-the-shelf machines.

Being experts in IT systems management and support, it's only natural that we also supply and install quality desktop systems of a class that require minimal maintenance! Reliability comes top of the list for any business, whatever size, and for this reason, we favour the sturdiness of Hewlett Packard machines, built with longevity in mind. By partnering with HP we can bring you the best products, combined with the best support, at a keen price. The strength of HP equipment also helps to ensure that our excellent reputation remains intact!

However, should you have a particular manufacturer or product in mind don't hesitate to ask - we will source and provide pricing, along with free and impartial advice.


Upgrade V New

With PC prices continuing to fall, sometimes it makes financial sense to buy new, rather than upgrade or repair. If you're in two minds, we'll demonstrate the two options; the difference in price will then help you decide.

What else can we do for you?

  • supply and install software
  • provide advice on group software policies
  • hardware warranties (three years manufacturer's on HP machines)
  • network awareness guidance

We'll also help you plan for future growth and upgrades, so you can budget accordingly.

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