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Do you leave your premises unlocked at night?

Of course not! Yet many SMEs leave their network wide open to abuse, unprotected.

Securing your network is best achieved trough a multilayer approach. A combination of "border" security at the edge of the network combined with good server and desktop software is the safest approach.

We offer edge protection firewalls from SonicWall and virus protection from Sophos. These two suppliers offer leading-edge products at affordable prices.

  • SonicWall firewalls offer a unique 'deep packet' inspection that allows incoming files to be scanned for threats without having to re-assemble the file within the firewall. They are the only manufacturer able to do this; others limit the size of files or have to use hard drives to rebuild the file.
  • Sophos is the only antivirus vendor that tags files once they have been scanned. To improve performance only files that have changed are scanned again. This makes Sophos the best performing product in the market place.

...Lock the doors on your network with SonicWall and Sophos!

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