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The ideal option for smaller businesses - pre-paying helps you budget and ensures peace of mind within your IT environment.

How does Pre-Pay work?

Together, we estimate how many hours per month you may need in telephone and on-site support. Our calculations take into account the number of users, type of infrastructure and the skill level of your technical staff. We also conduct an audit of your network to give us a good idea of how it is bolted together.

  • Once a figure is agreed upon, you receive an invoice for a lump of hours, which is payable immediately. In return for paying for the time before it is used, you receive a 10% discount off our hourly rate.
  • The NEFU switchboard is open between 9am and 5.30pm. IT support outside these hours can be arranged if you consider it critical to your operations.
  • Every call received is logged, assessed and given a reference number. To help you monitor IT activity, we can provide a report detailing when and where your pre-paid time has been used.
  • 80% of our calls can be remotely diagnosed within 20-30 minutes. Simple queries are usually answered immediately and no time is deducted from your pre-pay funds, even though we log the call.
  • To ensure a continuous service, we will invoice as soon as your hours have reduced to a low level. If you are making many more calls than estimated, we’ll contact you to discuss a review.

What happens in the event of a disaster?

In addition to pre-pay, consider the peace of mind provided by taking out a Disaster Recovery Plan.

We provide an emergency telephone number and a pre-arranged proactive response to facilitate restoration of service in the event of a disaster.

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