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Choosing and installing a new file server is a sizeable investment requiring careful selection.

We tend to deal with just one 'heavyweight' manufacturer, whose reputation has stood the test of time - Hewlett Packard. With such an excellent track-record, we know our own reputation is also safe!

Several good reasons ensure HP Proliant Servers continue to be our top choice:

  • robust and technically proven
  • after-sales service is the best in the industry
  • excellent value for money
  • HP work very closely with Microsoft to ensure compatibility
  • wide range of stand-alone and rack-mounted products, from one processor to eight
  • wide range of storage and backup options available.

You can rely on the expertise of our engineers to correctly identity the right equipment for your current and future needs. Once you've made a choice, if required, we'll configure your server, preload the operating system and software, and arrange installation at your convenience.

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