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A wireless network can provide the perfect solution where traditional cabling would prove to be too expensive, disruptive, or the age and structure of a building presents access problems. If you have been concerned about the reputation wireless networking has gained for being 'insecure', let us put your mind at rest. Networking Fundamentals have many years experience in securing wireless networks. Our work has been thoroughly tested by independent penetration experts who found it very difficult to crack.

Example: We were asked to survey an office in Poland for a wireless network solution. The company had already received a quotation from a local company, who subsequently recommended 55 access point and antennae. Our survey highlighted the need for only three high quality access points with the correct antennae involving far less work and mess! Although our two quotations were similar, we did provide a less expensive option, but more importantly, the resulting job was outstanding in terms of quality equipment and fast access.

If you are in two minds over wireless versus cabling allow us to survey your premises and provide a feasibility report. You'll receive objective advice and a competitive price.

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