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How much company time is your workforce wasting browsing the net? Estimate the time consumed by each employee, over a whole year, and you will probably calculate a hefty sum. This can be blocked by installing SonicWall’s Content Filtering Service software (CFS), which allows you to control when and for how long your employees have access to internet, saving you money the instant it is put in place!

SonicWALL CFS provides a comprehensive database of over 4 million continuously updated Web sites. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Appliance-based, scalable content filtering service that runs on all SonicWALL appliances and requires no additional server or deployment costs.
  • Dynamic database of millions of URLs, IP addresses and domains to block up to 50+ categories of objectionable and inappropriate web content such as porn, hate, violence and others, providing network administrators with greater control to transparently enforce acceptable use policies.
  • Easy to use web-based management interface provides the flexibility to enforce custom policies for groups of users on the network.
  • Caches URL ratings locally on the SonicWALL appliance. These website ratings are stored for all future users that attempt to visit the URLs, making response time to frequently visited sites virtually instantaneous.
  • Analyzes pages not in the database and automatically populates the database for future access.
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