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A seamless email and internet service is a must-have in every business. To avoid potential 'melt-down', all emails should pass through a series of scans for viruses, malware, spam and malicious material before it gets to your network.

To ensure instant delivery and transparent service, we partner with Star Internet for dialup, ADSL, SDSL, Leased Line and MPLS connectivity solutions.

Star also provide the renowned MessageLabs email filtering service. To date, no email borne viruses have been reported to us by our clients, which gives Star Internet a well-deserved tick-in-the-box for reliability.


Couple this excellent delivery service with Microsoft Exchange Server and reap the benefits of globally accessible email, robust storage and great collaborative tools.

We also highly recommend SonicWall Content Filtering, which eradicates misuse of company time and equipment, resulting in potentially huge savings.

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