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An office move or network rollout can involve a huge amount of planning, man hours and potential disruption, putting a strain on even the most competent IT department. There's no need to suffer stress in these 'one-off' situations; NEFU have the capacity and experience to either provide a support role to your existing IT resources, or take the project on in it's entirety. From one point, to hundreds across multiple sites, initial planning and costing, machine-build, removal and installation, testing and post-move support, we'll provide a complete stress-free package.

Recent example: Company A needed to relocate 200 machines from two sites to one, over a weekend. During the move, the lifts broke; our team had to carry every piece of equipment to the third floor. Regardless, the move and installation went without a hitch other than a few sore backs (but it did give real meaning to the phrase 'break our back to get the job done'!)

If you are considering wireless networking, take advantage of our in-depth wireless survey, to ensure best coverage at least cost. Call 01264 721 680

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